Friday, January 8, 2010

Vintage Records

Alec and I love to listen to vintage records while relaxing at home. I was telling my Mother today about some awesome records I found at an estate sale and how I got two 101 strings records to add to our collection of those and she remembered the coolest thing! She said her parents walked into a hardware store in 60's and there was a 101 strings record playing on one of the old console stereos there and my grandfather loved the records so much he bought the player and the record. I never got to know him, and my grandmother passed away when I was 12 so it made me so happy to have this connection! Here are a few of the 101 strings that we own:

The best thing about these, other than how great they sound, is that you can usually find them for 99 cents at used books stores all of the time. Here's a sample of one of the tracks:

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