Friday, January 8, 2010

Smitten Kitchen's Yummy Brisket

Since this is my last week of freedom before returning to the grind that will be my life for the next year, I've been celebrating by cooking really decadent meals at home. This brisket turned out so good we ate it for 3 solid days without one complaint about leftovers. Alec and I made this southwestern pulled brisket in the crock pot and it cooked while we slept. I wanted to cook it the whole 10 hours because our grocery store didn't have a 3 lb brisket. The smallest they had was 5lb! I cooked it for 10 hours and kept it on keep warm another hour. I modified the slaw recipe to just be cabbage, cilantro, and red wine vinegar since we don't like raw onions or mayo around here. We served ours on warmed up corn tortillas with a half a grapefruit from the valley on the side and it was a delicious brunch! Not to mention how wonderful the house smelled.

Find the original recipe and more lovely photos here:

(image borrowed from Smitten Kitchen blog)

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