Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweater Dress Heaven and Posing for Pictures

I found this lovely hand-knit sweater dress at an estate sale. The cashier told me that the lady's mother-in-law had made it for her but she never wore it because it wasn't her color. I wore it out for the first time today, and the first place I went I got complimented specifically on the color of the dress. I thought that was amusing. It was almost as amusing as the second place I went where the lady told me that I look like the winner of the biggest loser show in this dress. She said, "She was little like you at the end of the show!" I guess I need to wear this more often!

My Mom shared a lot of old photographs with me when I was home for the holidays, along with the stories about my grandmother that I cherish so much. She told me that my grandmother always posed like this in pictures. I think that is so cute and feminine, so i tried to copy her in my photo above.


  1. 1. Awesome dress.
    2. Your grandmother is showing some attitude! I like it!!

  2. I think that dress is A-mazing. It makes me happy that someone is finally wearing that dress (and wearing it well) that someone made by hand with love. It looks like it was made for you and I too like the color.


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