Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Feel Dizzy... My Head Is Spinning...

Ever since we got back from the trip to San Francisco I have been mercilessly dizzy! I'll feel ok for a little while and then all of the sudden it hits me and I'm on the floor. I have slept SO much in the last week that the days have run together in my mind. I'm on day 7 of dizzy now, so I'm starting to accept it as nearly normal and adjusting into doing activities while holding onto the wall without even thinking about it. I'm eating Bonine like candy and taking decongestants but so far it isn't really any better. Anyway here is one picture of the walk down to Baker Beach in San Francisco:

...and two pictures of the next trip we're planning on taking. I'm excited!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photobooth Success and Simultaneous Failure

I had a goal that we would hit every photo booth in San Francisco while we were there, the old school kind. Well, we did not hit a single old school style photo booth, but we happened upon a whole STORE full of Japanese new school ones that take your picture in front of a greeen screen and then you can draw on them or add backgrounds. They're totally ridiculous, but very very funny.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ipod cozy

You can see that I am on a last minute San Francisco crafting mission. I'm trying to get felt cases made for all the electronic gizmos and sunglasses that will be bumping into each other in my travel bag. This one is for the ipod that we plan to use to listen to episodes of the "This American Life" podcast while we're on the plane. We're going to be so romantic using one ipod and a headphone splitter on our honeymoon. Neither one of us has ever wanted to listen to the same thing as another person before. Awwwww. We may also download an entire audio book, but haven't come to a consensus on which one. I'm so excited! Can't you tell?!

I used a button for this case that makes me so happy. It was my grandmother's and when I was about 8 years old I remember digging through her button box and wondering what each button would end up on. I'm so lucky I inherited that box. This particular button always reminded me of a bowl of mac-n-cheese and I couldn't imagine what kind of clothes would look good with a mac-n-cheese button. It makes me happy to be sewing and thinking of my grandmother while I sew on my mother's borrowed sewing machine. Happy Mothers' Day!

Scarf made out of old T-shirts

This is another Red Velvet Art class project that I'm about 3 months late on. I never intended to be on time though. I used two old t-shirts I had in my closet but couldn't wear anymore. One was too big and one too small so I had some trimming to do! The black shirt had this cool pattern at the bottom that fell in a very unattractive place on the shirt but I think totally makes the scarf. I can't wait to wear it in San Francisco later this week!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girls' dinner!

My awesome friend Amy hosted a fabulous girls dinner with yummy food! It was a blast!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm in a physics class this semester. I have had a hard time enjoying it because there are a lot of kids in this class who talk while the teacher is talking. As a former teacher, this drives me completely nuts. The worst part is that the teacher does nothing about it, and seems to remain blissfully unaware of the distraction for the other students. This has been a constant all semester but it reached all new heights of ridiculousness this week. A guy in my class brought a guitar with him and actually started playing it during lecture. He played for at least 15 minutes and nobody said a word to him. I don't even know what to say about this, but I know I'm glad it will be over next week!