Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stewart Joined The Army

So my brother has 4 kids. When it was time to find a new home for their dog because their new house did not have any yard to speak of for this large dog to frolic in, he had a hard time explaining to the kids where Stewart (the dog) had gone. He told the truth at first, that his friend had taken in the dog to live at his house. When the kids kept begging daily to go visit Stewart, he finally told them that Stewart had joined the army so they couldn't visit him anymore. The army. Ah, parenting.

Alec and I thought this was hysterical and had intended to photoshop a photograph of Stewart in the army that he actually could show the kids. Well, I think a whole year went by and we never did that. Then recently I ran across this fantastic photography project: Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein I love her project for many reasons not limited to my feared repercussions of how growing up with tons of fairy tale input without anything to balance that leads to disappointment with real life.

So I jokingly sent this picture to Alec, saying this might be the perfect photo to put Stewart in for my brother and of course then he had to do it. Probably not the best picture to show the kids, but hilarious for the adults who can appreciate that the dog is not in any real danger.

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  1. OMG poor Stewart! I hope he doesn't stand on a land mine...with four legs I guess that doubles his chances.....

    (from Karas music journal class)


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