Monday, November 2, 2009

Life List

I made this list awehile back, but all of it still rings true and none of it has been accomplished.....the future looks fun!

1. Travel lots more, but that’s a separate list
2. Learn real photography
3. Master photoshop, lightroom, etc.
4. Sew myself a dress from a pattern (did it in 4th grade and never since)
5. Make a quilt from beginning to end all by myself
6. Expand my cooking skills
7. Make my recipe gathering process more organized and accessible by others
8. Figure out how I’m going to handle keeping up with photographs in the digital age. I used to make complicated photo albums in the film days. Now I almost never print pictures, and I’m just not sure what to do with them that works for my lifestyle.
9. Learn more HTML
10. Make a really weird exercise video on YouTube wearing a side ponytail, and possibly recruit my mother and mother-in-law to co-star in it with me
11. Live on a body of water
12. Walk the entire Lost Pines trail at Bastrop State Park (Texas)
13. Take my Mom on a trip, just the two of us.
14. Take more family trips with my parents and Alec’s too.
15. Someday I want to be the “cool” aunt that my nieces and nephews come visit for a week in the summer when they are older than they are now, but maybe not old enough to drive. That freaks me out.
16. Learn to re-upholster furniture so well that nobody would suspect I did it myself
17. Live outside Texas, even if it is temporary.
18. Learn to be a formatting genius using Excel.

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  1. I think that once you are all done with school, we should do a "easy talent" swap. I'll share some cooking tips with you and you can share some craft tips with me. Plan?


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