Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Desk!

I study ALL of the time so I sit at my desk TONS. My old desk, while cute, was not very ergonomic. Since I already have neck/shoulder/wrist issues I really needed to get something that allowed me more leg room to rotate my chair and a place to put my keyboard at a better height. I found this awesome used office supply store in Austin called Cox Office Furniture and they exceeded my expectations by a mile! They had tons of old really cool desks and other office supplies as well as newer stuff. I was in love with this All-steel tanker desk from the 50s but my goal was to get an articulating keyboard tray. The man who works there took the lap drawer off, put an articulating kayboard tray on and now I'm set to go with an awesome desk that is MUCH more comfortable than the old one! YAY!

Old Desk:

New Desk (shown here in an ad from with the lap drawer still in place:

Tanker arch leg desk

My actual desk with my ergonomic adjustments:
1) articulating keyboard holder
2) elevated laptop stand


Now I need to find a way to hide the cords that is compatible with a steel desk but still keeps my cords accessible for when my laptop is on the go. hmmm...

Maybe I also need a cool retro phone and/or typewriter.

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