Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here are some pictures of this last lovely week in Colorado, where we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to wear jackets. We were sad to return home to not only 108 degree weather, but a broken air conditioner. Thank goodness we got it fixed that same day! Anyway, Colorado is awesome. Maybe we'll move there someday.

Colorado, originally uploaded by joygoldplanet.

Yeah, we climbed to the top of that rock. It was about 7,000 feet above sea level. We started our hike about 5,000 feet. We're hard core.

Colorado 4

Colorado 3
This is Alec with his aunt and uncle, Suzie and Gary. They took us through the Rocky Mountain National Park. This spot is near the origination of the Colorado River.

Colorado 2
Behind us you can see Horsetooth Reservoir. We went boating there the first night we arrived in town. What a way to welcome us to town!

Colorado 5

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